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Welcome to the world of Data Driven Enterprise

Zentadata unlocks data potential by establishing a new environment where enterprise data analytics is available for everyone and decision-makers are directly connected to business insights

Make highly confident business decisions based on realtime facts instead of opinions

Find emerging threats in the industry and apply adjustments faster than competitors

Re-envision time to market with a solution built and tested in crises when time matters most


Makes it possible to process big volumes of data at a high velocity with the Serverless Engine. It accommodates a variety of data sources and formats with Heterogeneous Adapters.

Serverless Engine

Big Data projects are complex and require a lot of effort and resources to get initial results. Zentadata's Serverless Engine helps to address most of these challenges and focus on business logic:

  • • Create Big Data jobs directly within your existing apps.
  • • Eliminate the need to build, deploy and schedule cluster specific code.
  • • Run your app anywhere and all heavy data processing will be executed by Zentadata's Serverless Engine in a distributed, automatically scalable environment.

Heterogeneous Data Adapters

  • • Any modern enterprise relies on a number of different applications and databases with a wide range of data formats – a.k.a. Heterogeneous Data Sources. It introduces a challenge when systems are not able to effectively communicate with each other, and thus not able to cover end-to-end data analytics.
  • • Zentadata is shipped with multiple adapters able to interact with most modern Enterprise Systems. At the same time, these adapters are intended to abstract incompatible data sources into a unified data layer - making data available in a simple, standardised way for the end user.


Assures that an organisation’s data is secured and meets mandatory regulations for sensitive digital assets - known as Security and Compliance.


Security Module - makes sure that only authorised users can access data in accordance with data access policies. It is based on existing security technologies - Active Directory, LDAP, SSO, etc.


Compliance Module - applies compliance rules to clean up digital assets (private identity or health data) to make it usable for legal and risk-free analytics. The role of the Data Protection Officer is to create data compliance rules which will be enforced for all data consumers automatically across the organisation.


In order to apply a Data Driven approach within an organisation, it should be permitted to work with Available and Accessible data for all potential beneficiaries, or - in other words, make data usable for everyone.

Data Studio

To get the job done, everybody needs a good tool. That is why we have created the Data Analytics Studio. This minimalistic but powerful standalone app will make you feel confident in the world of data analytics and enable you to build data insights in order to empower business decisions.


Data Product

Zentadata helps domain teams to expose results of their work as a data product. Data products could be used by enterprise as a building blocks to create higher order value and functionality. Zentadata data products have following features:

  • • Declaratively defined
  • • Automatically built on user's request
  • • Secure and meet GDPR/CCPA requirements
  • • Listed in Zentadata Catalog
  • • Interoperable with each other
  • • Support batch and streaming consumers

SQL like language

Our ”SQL like language” is simple, statically typed, and makes it possible to do pretty much anything you may want to do with data. With a low learning curve, it grants tremendous efficiency.

  .read("postgres")                   // read from postgres database
  .from("users")                      // query "users" table
  .where(col("name").equalTo("John")) // filter by "name" = "John"
  .collect().show();                  // print output

// output
|1      |John      |Dow      |

Use cases

  • Data analytics
  • Building DWH
  • Implement ETL workflows
  • Create Big Data applications

Target auditory

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • SME
  • Data Scientist
  • Non-technical users with minimal SQL knowledge
  • Software Engineer

Why Zentadata?

  1. Value from Day 1

    • With Zentadata you get instant out-of-the-box value in days not months
    • Create your first data analytics app in 1 day
    • Setup data sources and launch enterprise-grade data analytics in 1 week
  2. Environment friendly - empower your existing software assets

    • While other tools require a lot of effort to integrate, Zentadata follows a non-intrusive deployment approach where no changes to existing infrastructure are required
    • Our goal is to fully utilise your existing assets and make them more usable instead of trying to replace them
  3. FAANG technologies - refined and optimised for enterprise needs

    • While Google and Facebook were pioneers in Big Data processing, they have gained a lot of expertise and knowledge in this area
    • Nowadays their practices have become essential for any modern business to be competitive in the market
    • Zentadata generalises and standardises best practices born inside top Silicon Valley startups and ships them in a ”fast-to-adopt” and ”easy-to-use” package

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