Data Analytics platform for Ad Tech company

Customer: NDA
United States


The AdTech company is headquartered in New York City, London, Odessa and Kiev, and continues expanding worldwide. They establish the advertising marketplace of high-quality buyers and sellers with cutting edge ad tech solutions including Supply-Side Platform, Demand-Side Platform, and Open RTB.


Our customer was the in early stage of launching their RTB Platform. In order to measure the profit model and estimate ad costs, they had to precisely track all financial records. Due to the distributed nature of the RTB protocol, it generates millions of transactions every second with hundreds of partners while fulfilling realtime ad auctions. Those transactions should be analysed to calculate critical financial reports – the costs, revenue, gross margin, etc. The tremendous amount of data makes daily/weekly/monthly report-generation a pretty challenging task. While the project was at a very early stage, there weren't enough resources to build a feature-rich Reporting Solution to provide a deep understanding of financial KPI's.


Zentadata's Platform helped to setup a Financial Analytics Infrastructure in the project's early stage. It was used to run hundreds of experiments and simulations daily while testing different approaches and integrating with new vendors. Within weeks after installing the Zentadata Platform, it helped the product team adjust the business model and assure the originally planned gross margin. In the long term, the platform is being used to track critical business KPI's and to build accounting reports.


In a highly complex business domain, with the help of Zentadata, the product team was able to stress the test profit model and launch a profitable RTB Platform.
200 millions

Unique users targeted with highly relevant ads

2 weeks

To provide product team with data analytics toolset

17 billions

Transactions analysed daily