Digital transformation to drive Personalized Customer Experience - Customer 360

Customer: NDA


Retail Network


Our client faced the challenge of consolidating all customer related records as a base layer to drive customer experience personalisation, a.k.a. Customer 360.


Zentadata's platform aggregated data coming from multiple sources (Marketing, Sales, e-Commerce, Communication, Inventory, Behaviour Tracking) to build a single holistic view of all customer data. It gave everyone in the company the ability to access crucial data and make smarter, faster business decisions so as to address specific customer needs.


Applying Zentadata granted significant benefits like increased revenues with better cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. It provided a better customer experience for more personalized marketing experiences, and as a consequence – driving higher conversion rates and higher revenues. Additionally, Zentadata boosted retention rates and helped to understand customer profitability across varying products and services, which made an intelligent customer segmentation possible according to meaningful data and trends.

Higher revenue growth


Increased customer retention


Of users transformed into paying customers