GDPR compliance solution for big European Bank

Customer: NDA


Our customer is a Polish subsidiary of a famous European Bank. They are one of the most advanced banks in Poland today, meeting the needs of millions of customers, small enterprises and large corporations.


When GDPR regulations were applied in the EU, it enforced businesses to apply compliance regulations for storing customers' data. Violations of basic GDPR principles could result in fines of up to four percent of annual global revenue.


The Zentadata Security and Compliance Module was deployed in the customer's environment to provide a risk-free data access layer for the end consumers. It enabled the Data Protection Department to create compliance rules in order to secure sensitive data. There were multiple features applied to secure clients' data in accordance with GDPR requirements: the removal of private records, cleanup of sensitive parameters, and anonymising customer profiles


With Zentadata, the Bank's IT department established a centralised security layer effectively making critical client data safe to use for intended consumers. All data security aspects were documented and taken under the full control of a dedicated Data Protection Officer.
2.7 millions

Users protected

1 month

To deploy GDPR module into bank's infrastructure

3 strategies

Data protection strategies: data removal, data cleanup, data anonymisation